The Colour Yellow

The Colour Yellow

 The colour yellow is the colour of the vests worn by motorcyclist taxi drivers. I spotted one heading my way (no passenger) and waved my hand to the cry of chok chok (stop). He spoke a little English, enough to get him to understand that I was trying to find the Sansabai Hotel and ask him to lead the way which he did, and ten minutes later and forty baht lighter I was at my destination safe and sound.

Korat is Thailand’s second largest city, surprising as it is the size of Worcester or Dunfermline. Considering the geographical size of the country, this stat still makes me scratch my head. Bangkok is the hub, the core of a magnet that attracts millions from outlying areas. Similar to all big cities, it is where people go in search of employment, fame or fortune: all hoping to ‘make it’ in the metropolis.

The city (Korat) is one of those places which for centuries has seen change take place many times; sometimes on a catastrophic scale. Once the capital of Nakhon Ratchasima, (a kingdom in its own right), ruled by many factions until the unification of Thailand (Siam). As in all urban areas, there is a focal point, and Korat’s is a small section of what remains of the city walls and the original main gate. Surrounding this is a large area which one could describe as a concrete strolling area. Here on weekends they set up market stalls, have concerts, etc and is a community space for relaxing. In the centre, overlooking the gate is a statue (no community area is complete without one eh?), dedicated to YaMo, the Thai equivalent to Joan of Arc. She led an army back in the1200’s that saved the city from destruction by an invading Kymer force, hence the recognition. More than recognition, they revere her, as pilgrims come to pay thanks and pray, offer flowers etc, thus resulting in a nice little economic boost for the local traders. The hotel is only three blocks from the square and central, so it is easy to have a relaxing evening, strolling and sightseeing.

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