Knackered in Korat


Fitful night considering I had felt so tired. Slept in stages, awoke  around 01:00 hrs then read chapters of a book until I dozed. Woke again around 04:00, went downstairs to the hotel foyer and stood outside to have a smoke (hotel policy forbids smoking on premise). Climbed back upstairs, a gruelling effort of eighty steps, then tried to sleep again, but to no avail. Looked at my Thai phrasebook, trying to memorize handy sayings which helped me to doze off again until around 07:30.

Showered, then went out to a nearby cafe where I had a cheese omelette (served with salad), and a cup of Earl Grey. This triggered a bunch of extended yawns, so much so I thought my jaw might break. Not one to miss an opportunity, I scurried back to the hotel and ploughed my way up the Matterhorn to my room. If you ever want to lose weight, stay a week on the top floor of this hotel: I recommend it.

Awoke around 13:00 and walked; it was just wandering really, as I knew where to go having been here in January 2014. Changed money in the bank, then visited a nearby mall, always a favourite when it’s hot outside as the building is air-conditioned. I found a shop on the 6th floor that sold sim cards. Bought two, one for my Thai phone which I had purchased on my earlier visit, and one for my tablet. This set me back around £14, plus costs. The assistant set the lot up (changed the settings to English as the messages had come thru in Thai), so left feeling comfortable in the knowledge I had access to communications. Proceeded to wander around and came across a bread/cake shop; the aroma so enticing that my willpower crumbled: like the pastry on the pineapple log I bought. 

Early evening, another stroll and came across a bar where four guys sat drinking at a table set on the pavement. They invited me to join them, an invitation which I readily accepted. It turns out they were teachers, which was useful as they gave me tips on what I should do if I wanted to get paid for my work. I shall have to get a CELTA certificate (obtainable through an exam in the local education department), useful as it would open doors to schools throughout Thailand. Without being too detrimental, I found them scathing of the locals, but they were drunk and letting off steam. Each drove a motorbike, large engine jobs, and when the time came to leave I asked them whether it was safe to drive home. They knew the backstreets since most of them had been living here for 7-8 years and assured me that should they be stopped (by the police) a payment of 200 baht plus a humble apology does the trick.

Day over, and the few beers I had drunk did the trick for me (that plus those bloody eighty steps) and before I knew it, the sun was streaming through the hotel bedroom window when next I opened my eyes.

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