Pak Thong Chai

Pak Thong Chai

Morning comes and with it the opportunity to meet old friends in Pak Thong Chai. The body clock is coming to terms with the time difference, and I am scheduled to meet with my hosts around 11:30, which gives me enough time to shower, pack my bag and get breakfast. Meeting my hosts a lovely feeling. It is nice to feel comfortable and brings a sense of relief: one that comes with being able to converse in one’s mother tongue. Since my last visit, they (the friends) have moved to another house, and their present location is around forty minutes by tuk-tuk (a 3 wheeled motor-cycle) from Korat. The house is situated in a compound of fifty bungalows on the outskirts of Pak Thong Chai, a rented house which accounts for the shabby state of the outer walls and garden, (caused by the previous tenants, so I am informed).

Inside, my room has no door, so a piece of wire strung between a couple of rafters with a large sheet thrown over, suffices. Although, as I find out later that evening, it has disadvantages.

One of those (disadvantages) is the open space above the curtain  allows mosquitoes to invade at will; as my legs testify next morning. Another slight problem is the dogs. Noi has a great love of dogs, and when I was here (in Thailand) previously, she had three; one of which she bought, the other two, strays from the street. Between then and now she has added two more (both street dogs), one small, and a large one who roams at will. Belatedly, I find it likes to chew anything it can get its teeth into. Next morning I find myself minus one shoe and a tee-shirt: both torn to shreds by this big mutt.

Ever the problem solver, I move a stack of plastic clothes containers between the door frame. While this means I am constantly moving them to get in and out, this small effort is a price worth paying. One more hiccup is the crazy positioning of the light switches. Located near the front door is the switch, to my room. . . but my room is at the other end of the living space! This means I have to negate the furniture in the dark, manipulate the containers and find my bed. In future, if I give to any charity it will definitely be to the blind! One last thing before I finish this blog. The above ramble is not a gripe, for few problems are insurmountable. I solved the last one the following day by the purchase of a torch.

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