Blog 2015: Part 1

Thailand: Blog 2015: Part 1

Bangkok: January 2015

Landed in Bangkok around midday local time, passport control manic. So many people queuing it seems the entire world is visiting Thailand. This results in a waiting time of around two hours to get through immigration control, and by the time I reach the baggage area, I find flight EK 376’s luggage removed from the conveyor belt with bags piled in a heap. My next issue is to get from the airport to Victory monument bus station, this being achieved in a clapped out taxi. The journey takes longer than expected, due to traffic being held up while the King and his entourage have preferential access to the roads. We arrive at the bus station, where I am surprised by the efficiency of the staff. The fare from Bangkok is 220 baht (£4.50) for a 6-hour bus ride, half the cost of the taxi ride! Korat, a city in the province of Nakhon Ratchasima is my destination. Six hours later we arrive on schedule, but my problem is being able to get to a hotel whose name I have forgotten  (along with my notebook). I recall the name of a local statue (YaMo) from where I remember the direction to the hotel. Booked in, given a room on top floor (5th); no lift, but too shattered to care at this point.

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