Blog 2014 Part 2

Thailand: Blog 2014 Part 2

Baan Borpla

My first day at my new school: Baan Borpla. I am introduced to the director, Mr Suti Chai, teachers, cooks, the general handyman and the students waiting to greet me.  One teacher I meet – Pom – was preparing to leave but stayed behind to introduce me to her class and the children. Pom teaches grade 4, a class small enough  that I can remember their names: Yok, a bubbly girl leaning towards the chubby side – Oof, (pronounced Of) a lively  bright lad – Ploy, (pronounced Poy) a beautiful girl, one of the brightest students – Beea, (pronounced B) another pretty girl, but shy and lacking in confidence – Game, (pronounced as you say it), a large, affable lad, but prone to being teased from others – Oon, (pronounced On) small in stature, but a focused lad who is not lacking confidence, and Pam, the smallest and cleverest person in the class. A great group whom I will grow very attached too in the coming weeks.

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