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Thought for the Day


Geese are so human… cantankerous, unreliable, do a lot of squawking and never turn up on time. Every morning for the last week, I have tried to photograph them as they fly over the house. The height they fly generally makes it challenging to capture a decent image (with the equipment I have). They come in dribs and drabs, between 0600 and 0730, but during this period the house is a place of utter chaos. With kids gone, I am left with the scraps, both food (on the floor) and the stragglers from the geese migration, but even they seem to delight in causing me grief.
This morning, I was ready as usual with the camera when nature called. With geese, the one thing you know (by the noise they make) is when they are on their way. Halfway thru doing the necessary, I heard them. By the time I had finished and grabbed my camera, there they were, perfect height, perfect flight path, ten metres above the house.
The law of sod. They were gone before I could say ‘Jack Flash.’
I’m going to fix them though… they are on my Xmas lunch menu. Remember, geese, what goes around, comes around.