HMRC and picking up telephones

Having been sent a new tax coding notice from the HMRC, I thought I’d raise a query about it with the tax office. After numerous attempts, countless wasted minutes (and money), and umpteen synthetic voices asking me to press any number between one and six, I finally managed to speak to a real person. Alas, this was a smokescreen, as this person then asked me to hold, before transferring me to another person who could deal with my query. Eventually, this person answered and appeared to know who I was, partly answered my question then posed another of her own. She then advised me to phone or write to the Liverpool office. I tried to phone the Liverpool office, but again I was confronted by a barrage of more synthetic voices asking me to press any number between one and six. After playing bingo with several different numbers I managed to get through to another real person (got lucky, that’s twice in 14 calls!!) who unfortunately could not answer my question and put me on hold. After 8 minutes of ‘holding on,’ I got really steamed and hung up. This whole exercise has probably cost me the amount I was querying….but better I hung up than got a heart attack from frustration. My only salvation will be if they send me a letter requesting information, but boy will they wait for an answer…and what an answer they will get when I eventually decide to reply!!

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