Burmese Days (2)

Burmese Days (2) – A Drenching from the Heavens 

It has been a strange few days. The weather is now confirmed; rainy season is here. For three days, heaven has lifted her skirt and it’s pissed down. My goodness, she must have had a skinful recently. The blessed relief from the constant 45 º and the buckets of sweat, now replaced by torrential rain and clammy aftermath. Well, a change is as good as …

Rest, now that’s something I guess we’re all getting as a result of lockdown; for some a bit more permanent than they’d have liked. For others, the future isn’t much brighter on the employment side. If the virus don’t get you, government policy will.

What’s that you say? Speak up, can’t hear you for your kids screaming. Oh, the schools are to remain closed. Yeah, it’s brilliant for the little ones. Lucky b*****ds, out playing in the sun all day. Stop moaning, think of the quality time your having with them. Reminds me of my own summer holidays. Gosh I could have given Usain Bolt a run for his money then. Had to be lightning fast to avoid a right-hander from my mother.

That sounds like glass clinking! Of course, stupid me, it’s the old man taking the empties out. Bet the shares in alcohol have done okay lately. Speaking of drink, it’s a few minutes to midday,  so must dash. Ciao.

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