About Me


About Me

Asir region 1980

Background – I left school at 14 and began a mechanical apprenticeship at Ferranti, (Crewe Toll, Edinburgh).  Three years later, after several hitchhiking excursions to France, and enticed by tales of distant lands, I went on to spend five years as a Radio mechanic in the Royal Navy. There, I embarked on a diversifying journey, where the ships on which I served allowed me the opportunity to visit areas of the world, of which previously I had only dreamed. The Mediterranean, Suez Canal, Indian and Pacific Oceans, were highways that led to developing an understanding of different cultures and an awareness of the inequality that exists in every area of our globe.

Following on, I have taken a winding employment road that has consisted of working in a variety of fields: electrical, computers, telecommunications, control electronics, service manager (office equipment) and administration. These various fields took me to  countries, such as Japan, Saudi Arabia,  Sweden and Germany, where I improved my understanding of new developments within those spheres. I then moved into the field of technical writing, discovering my latent talent for words and design before finally, in 2012, completing my degree in Creative Digital Media at the University of Worcester. I then volunteered to teach English in some of the more deprived areas of the world, and in order to improve my teaching methods, I completed a 120 hour TEFL course in 2016.

Yo Ho Ho

Coming from a relatively poor background, I have a tendency to view the rights and wrongs of society through a socialist perception. I hope, that even in a small way, to assist in building societies in which fairness, justice, freedom and transparency will become the bywords through which we can grow and prosper. Teaching has been my constant companion since 2015 and I have come to realise how important the English language is, for numerous societies . It offers opportunities, and for many, it is the gateway to better job prospects and a route to an understanding of the world in which we live.