The Call

The Call

Pain within, the clamour I hear
Are whispers of emotion
Silent refrains
Struck by drops
Of invisible tears

A cascade of feeling
Whose composure
I retain
As one by one
I bid adieu

Unravelling knot
Loosening ties
Inaudible sighs
The shield
Of guarded emotion

No last hurrahs
Nor eye to eye
Spread your wings
Tis time to fly
The closing door a life anew

No looking back
Lest thoughts of regret
Leaving behind
Those you cannot forget
Finally tears they fall

Magnetic forces
Deep within
Silently screaming
Go, begin
Overcome your fear

Present and past
Here, at last
Steps to a new frontier

Thoughts confused
Passions rage
Schemes and dreams
Cells engage
I cannot resist the call